The Akashic Record

Operation: Unearth

Artist interpretation of the mind tapping into the Akashic Record

Throughout modern history there have been countless times that major discoveries are made by two different people at the same time. For example, during World War II the invention of the jet engine was made by two separate men on different sides of the ocean and on different sides of the war. American Frank Whittle and German Hans von Ohain would have had no contact due to the war and therefore no way to know what the other was working on. So how did they develop the same idea at roughly the same time? There are many more instances of this occurring for other discoveries as well. The radio was simultaneously invented by Italian Guglielmo Marconi and American Nikola Tesla. This one in particular has had a long contentious history over who is the rightful father of radio. The invention…

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3 thoughts on “The Akashic Record

    1. I agree with you. I am a shut in because of health reasons so this computer and our TV are where I spend most of my awake time. A person can learn so much more these days than what is shown to us on national news programs. I am glad that you liked their article and I thank you for the kindness of your visits.

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