Life and Death (2)

Bami's trail

We do a lot of things, they are not right. But that’s why we are humans, we were made in such a way that we can never be flawless.

It’s a wide and consistent cycle,
that goes on and on. It never stops, though it goes off it’s trail at times.
Failure and success, regret and recovery mutually inclusive.

How would you not be rich in a world of needs?
How would you not be wealthy in a world of wants?

State the parameters, you are not living your dream amongst others?
What are you dreaming about?
Is it worth dreaming for? It doesn’t matter.

You would never know how true a dream is, not until it turns reality.
Fancy the cars, yachts and jet, they make the journey lovely.
Take the castles, mansions and skyscrapers. Don’t let anyone tell you they ain’t beautiful, even if they are not home.

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