Tbilisi, Georgia: the Risen City! 1/4

Huguette Antoun

Planning And Arrival

It was spring 2017, I was planning with my friends for a trip to Croatia, mainly Dubrovnik and I was so excited, I want to visit all these Game Of Thrones shooting spots…It was only April and the trip is in August so we have time! Sure there will be no problem with work; I mean 4 months’ notice for a vacation is more than enough! But the surprise was that my specific vacation dates were denied due to a conflict with another employee…and not any employee! We tried to change the dates, it didn’t work for my other friends, so they booked to Croatia and my best friend and I started to search for another trip that suits my days. We were confused and we didn’t have time to prepare the documents for Schengen Visa nor find a suitable trip. Eventually, we ran out of time…

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