(Philosophy type Poem) Life Is But A Chance

Life Is But A Chance


Is not our lives but a chance upon a breeze

Where were we born, what do our Daddy do

Slop Shovel always stuck to your callous

What can a Poor man offer Daughter or Son

Crooks ride by with their smirks in the air


Life is unkind or to kind depending on one’s view

Golden spoon not worth the weight of the Boot

Family got the money, they’re just morally broke

Boarding House upbringing is a hell of a home

Grace not given is grace that is so seldom returned


Some noticed luck when she slapped him

Sometimes we tend to duck a bit to quick

Born into or out of what, on our first day

Bank Accounts, Skin Color, Ignorance or Hate

Life is a Chance at a Dance, don’t miss your date



12 thoughts on “(Philosophy type Poem) Life Is But A Chance

  1. You’re welcome. After I’d sent it I started worrying that you might take offense at my philosophical replies intruding on your poem, because you seemed depressed, and ignorant fools aren’t worth it.
    Sibyl X


    1. Everything is fine I don’t get upset very easily. I want people to give their honest opinions and thoughts, how else can we learn if you refuse to take the blinders off of your own eyes and Soul. I very much appreciate you taking of your time to talk with we.—ted

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  2. ”Is not our lives but a chance upon a breeze”
    An ancient lottery’s squeeze, and yet we made it . . .

    ”What can a poor man offer Daughter or Son”
    The chance to live again and some are glad they made it.

    Lots of love Sibyl X


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