Rambling Thoughts: Why Do We Treat Each Other So

Why Do We Treat Each Other So


I don’t know about you

Only you truly know this answer

Have there been times in your life

Where you were a prick: And you were wrong

I just didn’t realize how big of a dick I was at the time


I have been there and I still live in it

I can never be anything in my own eyes

If a person honestly allows us entrance in

Getting to maybe see our other-kids and Theirs

I have hated no one but myself and I have been a fool


Do I write a bit to direct for some

I do not wish to offend anyone

Why must some spout so much Hate

Is it genetics or ignorance that we do it

Why must we treat each other so cold


Some who have known me now

Or some in different times in my life

Hopefully their first thought wouldn’t be, you Ass

Yet I look back at the persons I have been

I hope they are stronger than they were then


I have treated some people far less good

Than that person deserved that I treated them

I have for a long time Prayed them good in my Prayers

Is our Ego so big that we honestly have no regrets  

Or, are you clear to Pick Up and throw that First Stone




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