( A Bit Of Bent Humor) Can We See

Can We See

Do you see the Blue Skies this morning

The beautiful Mountains and the Desert Highs

We make what we make for this is foretold

Are we but a Stamp on a Ticket in a Time Machine

What does a Computer see behind their painted Smiles



Do we see only that which the World says we are to see

How many noticed Lucy in the Lobby with Mac-10 in hand

We all just walk on by Folks, we never see them, everyday

With few exceptions the World is Blind to a Drop not missed

Do we tell ourselves that it is good to be selectively Blind



Just like when we are with the One our Heart ador’s

Three Blankets deep in the night, you still see the cold

If Love is burnt the Light is out this the Blind can see

Life, we invest our Time in it and like the tick of the Clock

Can we see or understand the sweet Kiss and the Blade

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