Ten Irish quirks

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

Ah, the idiosyncrasies of Ireland… they are everywhere if you open your eyes. After living in Ireland for 10 years and almost 6 months, I still find new ones!

  1. Pedestrians waiting to cross the road and staring at the little red man to go green… only tourists do so. You can spot who is a tourist by the look on their faces when they see Irish people dodge the traffic and jump in front of oncoming traffic. We’re a risk-taking kind of society!
  2. The sad and confusing look on the faces of said tourists when, upon arrival in Dublin city, they spot a tall building bearing the name ‘Heineken’ instead of ‘Guinness’ on O’Connell Bridge. Despite the huge economy Guinness brings to Ireland, you are confronted by ‘Heineken’ first and ‘Guinness’ later.
  3. French fries are called ‘chips’ while English and European ‘chips’ are ‘crisps’ in Ireland. Like I said… quirky.

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