(Poem) Miracle



Lord, please show me a Miracle

Please give to me Signs and Wonders

Show me Your Works before my eyes

Can You bend Natures Natural Laws

Is not the Nature of Man and Beast set


I have never seen You do anything Lord

Sickness and Disease why don’t You change

Our Future, is it set before we walk into it

Why do all Futures end in a last Breath

What in this World awaits us but our Death


Lord why did You create this World that I now see

A Beast and the Sky produce both Good and Wrath

How is it that Pain can produce Obedience and Faith

True Understanding Lord, how may I fill up my Glass

With Knowledge I Learn, a Miracle is my every Breath

5 thoughts on “(Poem) Miracle

    1. I’m okay, just a poem. I guess as we get older some of us who are fortunate to have lots of time on their hands start looking for things to write about. How are things going for you and your loved ones way down in far south Dixie?

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        1. My Daughter has gone back to teaching in Dallas area. She seems drawn into teaching even over the business world. It would be nice (as you know) if these Colleges and other schools paid these educators a better rate of living. Welcome to a New Year my Friend, may G-d bless you and yours.

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          1. Colleges are in bad financial shape now for two reasons: they are underenrolled across the country, and the enrollment is all-time low because of drastic shortage of financial assistance. Last semester I had to take a pay cut or cancel a class with only 10 students in it. The rest had to drop out because they didn’t get their financial aid. I taught the class, of course, but, as you know, professors’ and teachers’ pay being as low as it is to begin with, I think it barely covered gas needed to get there.
            However, teaching is not a profession, it’s a passion, so I wish your daughter best of luck!


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