Can We Respect The Office Of Our President: Even If We Don’t Respect The President?

Can We Respect The Office Of Our President: Even If We Don’t Respect The President?


The first President I remember was the day President John Kennedy got murdered. Since then I have known of all of these Presidents, while they were Our President, some of whom I have little personal respect for. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, B-1, Clinton,  B-2, Obama, Trump. So, that means that I have known 10 Reins of power in my time. Some of the Men who have held this position were Democrats and some were Republicans, some of each were good, some were very not good. Even if we like, or dislike a certain man can we still respect the Office Of The Presidency of Our Country while they were holding it? I have known 10 Presidents, 4 of them Democrats, 6 Republicans. Personally I would give passing grades to 3 of these 10 men at doing at least an okay job of being Our President, of Our Country. The Passing grades would go to 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. Yes I may be a bit harsh on this issue, but shouldn’t we all be, at least on this issue?


Now that I got that pet peeve out of the way there are 2 others that I would like to talk with you about. One of these I remember seeing somewhere recently here online. Disrespectful things, at least to me, in my opinion.

Does the Nations Media ever refer to Our President as President, in at least as far back as George Bush Senior? Nowadays we pretty much only hear Obama or Trump did or didn’t do this or that, almost never it seems do I see or hear, President Obama or President Trump, do you?


The other pet peeve is how political type posters start off their slogans on how they want you to remember them, when is the last time you ever seen or heard them simply start their slogan or request with the simple word Please? The word Please is meant to simply refer to as a Request. Why is it wrong to say ‘Please vote for me’ instead of simply ‘vote for me’? Why is showing kindness for each other now out of style? Why not say ‘Please Support Our Troops’? is to do so being weak in your eyes? Would you not rather be asked to do something over being ordered to do the same thing?


Well, I guess that’s it for my pet peeve quipes of the day, I hope it gave you a moment or two of mental relaxation. I do hope that you are each able to have a good and a safe weekend.

7 thoughts on “Can We Respect The Office Of Our President: Even If We Don’t Respect The President?

  1. I’m ahead of you in one respect. I remember presidents as far back as FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy. Never in my long life have I seen what I would call absolute evil until now. My first poem for 2019 follows:

    THE START OF 2019

    © 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

    The tiller cuts into dark loam
    Releasing pungent smells of earth
    Creates an open breeding womb
    For saplings, fertile seeds a bed

    Inhaling all, I thrust my hands
    Without regard to errant soil
    Into wide furrows newly turned
    Of robust dirt to blacken them

    What will my grubby fingers grow
    What crops can fields like this one fill
    Will hatred thrive? I pray, no more.
    Can kindness, love be nurtured grow?

    It all depends on what we plant
    If we sow seeds of errancy
    Our crops will shrivel die on vine
    Our lives will shrivel die in sync

    But can we find again the seeds
    Of mercy, love and honesty
    Our lives depend upon our will
    To toss out evil, plant new hope.

    What will we plant?

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  2. I’ve noticed that too. The media is disrespectful. Politicians are as well. I don’t know if it’s the limitation of Twitter or what, but all discourse is deteriorating. Now it’s apparently okay for a Rep to call the Prez a “MF” – hey, I can’t stand him, but really?!

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