WE CAN’T GO BACK TO THOSE DAYS! Antithesis on the realities of the current dispensation.


Living in the 21st century all by itself is a challenge by defaults!
There is a need for a redefinition of a lot of concepts and ideas(paradigm) to stand the time that we are in-not necessary outside the standards of Christ and the word of God but by identifying anomalies in the old paradigm and inductively describe the present realities, thus in a way of profering solutions: orchestrate a new paradigm.

At various times in the bible, there was a clear mention of different ages in human history: ages past (Hebrew 6:5); the periods spanning the entire old testament, i.e.: from the creations of the universe to the dispensation of the law of Moses. The present age (Gal 1:4); the period between the two advent of Christ. While the future age(Eph 2:7, Heb 6:5) are periods of Christ second advent to the creation of the new earth and new heaven…

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