(Poem) What Is In The Dark Of Night

What Is In The Dark Of Night 


Do we see darkness wherever we look

Is there no light left for to bless our eyes

Are there no clear nights the Stars to shine

Soon or Globe will no more pass by another

What shall our eye see beneath the cold clay


The early morning the city and farmer do sleep

Against sleep, we do open our eyes to see the day

High Noon draws, it’s time to eat the mornings catch

Over The Hill but gracefully, yet none of us have fallen

We notice our light is fading, thank G-d we had one at all


Can we see perfectly with our eyes while we’re still dreaming

Sometimes ones sight is clearer when we are in Rem deep sleep

When we see lights flashing in the dark in quilts do we bury our self

Laying down at night are we concerned the morning we shall not see

In the calmness of this night’s darkness will the Boogeyman come for thee




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