(Poem) It’s Just Wrong

It’s Just Wrong


It’s just wrong to be all bad, and out of place

If ya ain’t got no brain power you gotta grace

Life can be quite the beautiful mess, some times

Don’t be the one with the ignorant look on your face

Everywhere, and in life itself, seems all is out of place


D.C. Monkeys, Scowling, as they are lying to our face

They start a War then decide to take all your guns away

Loyalty is seems only goes up, to the highest dollar

How much crap will a working person have to swallow

The Poor do all the work to give the rich their Caviar


It is wrong to say “I Do” as you’re looking eye to eye then lie

The Strong from the Weak, that’s how it is and will always be

The day is coming when we will have to fight for table scraps

We Worship our Selfies with ignorance beyond even primal belief

Our World, have we lost it, is love no more, I believe your wrong

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