(Philosophy Poem) Do We Ever Learn

Do We Ever Learn


Did we learn from life, before we ever knew it

What did we understand, while still in the womb

Did we remember then forget, before our first memory

Were we alive before we remember even being alive

Does our Soul remember all the lessons, not learned


With years you look back across time and so many, what if’s

Do we learn from our good times, not just from our bad ones

How many PorcuPine butt’s do we have to run straight into

You ramble a little in life and blessed to see a lot of beauty

Yet for the things we’ve seen how much did we have to miss


With age, do we have a lot of old memories, that actually matter

How many great memories did we miss in our days experiences

So many mistakes we all make yet did we not learn from the hurt

The good times we have is always at a cost if we can’t remember

About the time we think we have learned something,  good night


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