(Poem) Digging Our Own Dirt

When we are little a mud puddle is such joy

We stomp and splash and we make such noise

Digging in the dirt we can make castles and forts

Just pee in the Moats to keep the bad guys at bay

With age our childish games are just a memory

Now we slave beneath the ground for shiny stones

We drill for the Permian Stench till we can’t breathe

Now Black Lung is all we get for so little of a wage

The Earth holds the secrets we refuse to learn from

We dig and we dig until all the good in us has died 

Digging in the Earth is no longer a childish thrill

Now family digs the hole that our carcass will fill

7 thoughts on “(Poem) Digging Our Own Dirt

    1. I am glad that you liked it and were able to understand it. When I wrote it I knew that a lot of folks would not be able to understand what I was saying but I believed that you would. Thank you for taking of your time to drop me a note.

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        1. I am just a small town hick from the sticks who almost never is confident about anything that I write being any good. You on the other hand my friend are an excellent Writer, indeed you are a Writer, I am just, well, nothing but a guesser, at best.

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          1. Ted, you are His creation, as we all are, which means that you are not supposed to put yourself down! Your talent shines in your poetry, unmistakably. It is His gift to you, and I appreciate your use of it.


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