God is Superior|خدا برتر است

A Voice from Iran

Sultan Mahmood was a very atrocious king of his time. There are many stories about him and his oppression’s. He is notorious for claiming to own every beautiful woman that he saw or heard about from others.


It didn’t matter to Sultan Mahmood if the beautiful women had husbands, children or families of any kind, he would separate them against their will and take them for himself.

Many women covered their faces in public. They didn’t send their young daughters out to keep them safe from the Sultan. For that reason, Sultan Mahmood rewarded gold coins to anyone who reported beautiful women that were hiding.


There once was a carpenter who was a very hardworking young man. He had a gorgeous wife, who always covered herself to be safe, but somehow an unknown person reported her beauty to the king to be rewarded.  Sultan Mahmood came to visit the carpenter…

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