(Poem About Life) It Hurts

It Hurts


It hurts when we squeeze out into the light

Hand slaps our behind to hear our voice cry

Abused by a Parent and the Babysitter alike

School starts, bullies and the playground fights

Chores, homework and home beatings abound


It hurts when a Teacher is a vengeful daily liar

When Principles are nothing but ignorant goons

The adults around you stay quiet at your unfair pain

Families know and see but stay quiet just the same

Children should not be seen or even dare to be heard


You escape your childhood right into a marriage sham

Your whore trampled your heart then took your kids away

Knowing through ignorance you sinned but not in those ways

Maturity I didn’t know yet my children’s hearts I crushed anyway

Understanding damage done to and by you, to the grave, it hurts

2 thoughts on “(Poem About Life) It Hurts

  1. It was a life, my friend. A life. Yes, parts of it were bitter. I doubt there is a person living yet who does not view parts of his/her life with some bitterness. I know I do. One good friend told me a long, long time ago, “As writers, Barb, we use those experiences.” Perhaps not in context, but we still use them. Thank you for sharing.


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