FF – Worst First Date Ever

draliman on life

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Nick Allen.

This one’s a bit icky, to the point where I was going to change the last line, but I think it’s funny so it stays 🙂

Just in case you can’t see it, the brand on the far left can is “Braime”.

Copyright Nick Allen

“And here we have a 1965 ‘blue oil’…”


“… and an original ‘red’…”


“… and this is a genuine 1932 tractor oil can… genuine! I bet you’re surprised, eh?”

“I am. Your dating profile didn’t mention any of this.”

“I don’t like to give too much away!”

“I really think you should have.”

“And my favourite…”

“Oh, Christ.”

“… ‘Blue Braime’. Shall we move to the bedroom? Braime’s oil is smooth, sensual…”

(gagging) “Um, ah, is that my phone? my dog’s been abducted…

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