Folks: Like The Man Or Hate Him He Is Our Nation’s President But, Is He Sane?

Folks: Like The Man Or Hate Him He Is Our Nation’s President But, Is He Sane?


This article is not intended to be any type of joke or a poem. I know that I am not the most tuned in type of person, but I do read at a lot of sites pretty much every day. Please tell me where President Trump is positioning Himself with this ‘Trade Agreement’ with President Xi Jinping of China? Did He really just make this up, you know, this whole ‘ I thought it, so it must be so’? Honestly all that I can say is, I really hope that this is not so. Folks, that would actually mean that our Nation’s President, is insane. I don’t like the person that is our President right now. What I don’t like is his constant lying, it is not ever possible to believe anything he is talking about. I believe that our President is a lot of very bad things, it is simple the Man can’t be trusted, he is a loose Cannon and totally ignorant to everyday realities.  But actually crazy? If it turns out that President Trump made this ‘Deal’ up in His Head, but it really didn’t happen? What is it that President Xi Jinping and their Communists Government, who doesn’t like us in the first place, suppose to think about how to take advantage of this situation to their best advantage? Our President has greatly hurt our relations with almost every Nation on the Globe. Is it possible that Our President isn’t just a hate filled habitual liar, but that He is actually legally Crazy? Lord knows that I hope not. That would be a new low for Our Country. Mr. McConnell and the Republicans should really be ashamed of their works these past few years I believe that the Republican Party is going to take a 20 year or so ‘Hit’ to their credibility in Elections, if He is proven to not ‘be competent’. I just hope that He is not lying about this ‘trade deal’ with China. Could it be He could claim ‘temporary insanity’ with regard to Mr. Mueller’s Investigation also? Man, I hope that the Man is not ‘less than sane.’ As an old and Special Lady friend used to say once in a while, ‘we shall see what we shall see.’ Think about it, is that not so?

One thought on “Folks: Like The Man Or Hate Him He Is Our Nation’s President But, Is He Sane?

  1. I am concerned about the same thing. I didn’t think one man could do any real damage in 4 years, I didn’t think Congress would behave so poorly either.
    I’m not real encouraged by his past record. I am in Arizona and I grew up in Texas. I have never lived more than a 30 minute drive from the Mexican border. My lifetime of uber close proximity has gifted me with a passable ability to speak Spanish. The accusations POTUS has been firing off about Mexicans didn’t match up with my 40 years of experience living among them but I am aware that experience also gives me a pretty heavy bias so I have been scouring Mexican news casts and newspapers to find out if there is any cause for concern. What I have discovered so far in the Mexican newspapers from Guadalajara to Juarez is that the story coming from the Mexican police, clergy, politicians and most recently the US Ambassador to Mexico and then President Nieto and brand new president AMLO, is directly contradictory to the statements our POTUS has made since before he was even elected regarding DACA, Mexico, Wall funding, terrorists and gangbangers at the border. They have all been blatantly false. Now, as a direct result of the exaggerations and lies he has repeated, we have armed private vigilante militias down here roaming around with assault rifles and drones. Now the latest has DHS clearly saying on the official .gov site that there are 600+ known violent criminals in the caravan. The Mexican Ambassador responded very clearly that he had no idea how the President had arrived at that total and how he and our DHS officials were able to positively identify 600+ violent criminals when Mexico themselves could identify none. I knew he lied frequently but to have federal agencies posting unsubstantiated accusations on .gov websites. It was clear at the G20 that the rest of the world is just ignoring us


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