Appearance could be deceitful

Victor. I Eshameh

There are times I just hate myself for no concrete reason.

I go close to the mirror, then examine myself to see if there are anything worth loving about myself. To be sincere, most of the time I find nothing.

When I move close to the mirror, I see my big head, broad nose, wide lips, tiny kind of eyes, always bushy hair (keeps growing too fast for me to maintain), large ears, among others.
After seeing all these, I become more sad and worried than I was before visiting the mirror. I can nurse this feeling for days, weeks and sometimes, for a month.

Often, I’ll consider those with blinded eyes (begging on the street from alms), those with delicate nose, those without teeth (some have, but they are quite disarranged). I look out at my surroundings and I can see those who have serious damages on their faces…

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