An Angel of Flesh

The Seventh Circle

Contemplating the Divine

~ Written by Nina

This 37cm x 86cm painting done over an ink & scratch medium with plastered cardboard was created by obscure surrealist, illustrator and avant-garde artist – Santiago Carusoin 2011. The images depict a dark and rather unknown villain from Isidore Ducasse’s long forgotten novel, Les Chants de Maldoror written back in 1868. It illustrates Maldoror clutching his head in agony at the scene in his mind above where an “Angel of Flesh” balances the living embodiment of Good and Evil within his hands as his flayed skin forms magnificent wings, yearning to take flight above the watery abyss below. Above this mental struggle we see God and his angelic counterparts holding his eyes shut so as not to behold the scene below. 


ANGELOFFLESHAngel of Flesh by Santiago Caruso

I have chosen to review this specific piece of art as I believe it…

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