Story of an auto rikshaw driver…

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As usual I was going to the college around 10:25 am in the morning today to take a class . I took an auto rikshaw since that’s the best option I have during this time. I don’t have to use my brain to drive and I can enjoy the soothing air which acts as an AC during the summers.

While traveling , this driver of the rikshaw was constantly looking at me. I tried to ignore it.

“What’s the time ma’am?” He asked. ” It’s 10:45 ” I said.

“Lady Shri Ram College? You teach there ? Or Are you a student?” He again asked.

“I teach” I said.

“Which subject?” He asked .

“Economics and Financial Accounting”. I said

By that time I was annoyed, may be I am very reserved when it comes to social life.I don’t allow many people in my I decided that I will…

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