(Obituary Poem) Hell’s Halo

Yesterday A Former President Died


Yesterday a former President did pass away

It seems that some in our Country have noticed

Media and Politicians who hated you, heaping praise

Is it just courtesy that says not to slap the recent dead

Praise, is it given to persons works or just their position


A person in life you filled many Political positions

When in life you were known for being a slime ball

Habitual liar, hand always out, and thief and a fraud

Once a King of the Cocaine Cowboys, with Governor in tow

How many innocent died at your money and power grabs


Yet, now you have died so the bullshit is shoveling high

Children you raised to follow in your bloodstained steps

Because you were a President connected States glorify your name

Airports, highways and libraries they have given you undue fame

Yet I pray your sins were washed away, before Hell’s Halo you get


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