Puberty blues chimp style

Monkeying Around

Paddy Paddy -What a beautiful boy. Sadly, he passed away recently

Puberty sucks for chimps too

One of the things I learned very quickly working with chimpanzees is that some of them will love you and some will despise you. There’s very little you can do to change it.

I have lived my entire life as a people pleaser and I soon realised I was also a chimp pleaser to boot. I couldn’t stand it if one of them didn’t like me and looked at me with utter distain.

There were a few bad cookies in the crew and thankfully they didn’t like anyone. These were the chimps who would spit in your eyeballs with incredible aim (you often wouldn’t even see it coming, and you definitely couldn’t see with all that spit in your eyes)

In my regular life, I have an aversion to teenage boys (sorry) They smell…

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