Walk / Don’t Walk?


I woke up this morning with the theme tune to “Sykes” in my head – its a TV sitcom from the 70s which we used to watch growing up. The show starred Eric Sykes, and Hattie Jacques as his sister, then there was Corky, the local bobby, + Mr Brown, the next door neighbour. All excellent character actors and very funny too! 

Those characters remind me of the old Giles cartoons, they appeared daily in a newspaper from God knows, before the war, till way into the 70s – there were crazy looking characters like Granny, a sturdy looking victorian lady, and Chalky, the school teacher, Aunt Vera, a skinny woman who always had a cold, hence the hanky! There was a lot of love for the people in those cartoons, and in Sykes’ TV show too. 

If you click this link, and click the random image button…

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