High Times Magazine: I have well over a decade of growing the absolute finest cannabis




Article by Mr. Spliff of Cannabis

I have well over a decade of growing the absolute finest cannabis.

I personally consume a lot of cannabis as well. I know cannabis very well. I know the industry and its struggles very well. Cannabis is my life. I have used every kind of plant food, grown in every kind of medium, run every size or room, tried every trade secret and use every available form of lighting technology.

There are so many critical variables when operating a successful garden. As that garden becomes the centerpiece of a growing business it is extremely important to control these variables. Some variables outweigh others, but it is a perfectly functioning system we wish to achieve.

In my experience the most critical variable is lighting. Everything in gardening is about maximizing photosynthesis. environment, plant food, medium and so many other like variables are designed to maximize photosynthesis. As this is the case it is imperative to have a lighting program that really drives the plants to their full potential.

I have used many different forms of indoor lighting. Metal Halide and HPS HID lighting, both single ended lamps and double ended lamps. CHM/LEC 315w lamps in various reflector setups. Many forms of fluorescent and induction lighting. I have used many different builds of LED lighting as well. Companies make claims left and right about better power usage or cooler operating temps or cheaper initial costs and sometimes even government rebates/reimbursement… at the end of the day it comes down to 1 thing and 1 thing alone. Performance.

The SPECTRUM KING Low Pro Veg LED is hands down the most effective and high-performance lighting system I have ever used. It is the way the plants react to the spectrum. Their increased rate of growth and structure of that growth. The way the light drives the plants to build a massive and dense root system. Absolutely perfect and luscious plant tissue. Huge stalks and stems that developed quickly.

Most modern lighting systems are no bigger than a shoe box. This creates a centralized source of light that leaves a lot to be desired when lighting larger spaces of plants. This can lead to non-uniform structure in the plants. The SPECTRUM KING Low Pro Veg is a 4’ x 4’ lighting deck that is so powerful, so consistent and uniform in its broadcast of light. This translates directly to the uniformity and consistency of the plants. I have never seen a lighting system that delivers like Low Pro Veg. I have seen at least a 20% increased growth rate, better plant structure and stronger plant presence with the Low Pro Veg than any other lighting system. The Low Pro Veg being a dimmable unit allows vegetative plants to stay in the same space for the term of their cycle as you can dim the output as the plants get closer to the lighting unit keeping them from light toxicity and fouled plant tissue and form. These lighting fixtures also require little to no environmental control to maintain ideal temperatures in the grow space. The SPECTRUM KING Low Pro Veg LED has so many advantages. Truly professional grade lighting for the modern indoor Commercial/Recreational/Medical cultivator!

Product shot of the SPECTRUM KING Low Pro Veg LED
If a garden is the business and LIGHT drives the garden then it is of the highest importance that your lighting equipment is powerful and consistent. In this ever-growing industry the only businesses that will survive is those with a consistent result and powerful presence. The SPECTRUM KING Low Pro Veg LED is the only light I recommend for vegetative cycle lighting.

It should be noted that I have observed 100+ strains/varieties under the Low Pro Veg. Exceptional results across the board.

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