11/20/18 Daily SciFact 🛰


Since today marks the 20th anniversary of when the International Space Station began being constructed, I figured we’d make todays SciFact about the ISS.  Also to celebrate the occasion, I’ll give a little rapid fire quick facts about the ISS, some you may know, some may surprise you, enjoy!

  •  The ISS travels at 5 miles-per-second while in orbit
  • At this speed, it orbits our planet every 90 minutes
  • The cost of building the ISS is estimated at over $120 billion
  • The ISS has only two bathrooms (yikes)

I hope you learned something new and be sure to check back tomorrow for tomorrows SciFact!!

source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/59662/15-out-world-facts-about-international-space-station

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