The People’s Wharf

Sun in Gemini

There’s a warship next door… It may be something I ate… but, no, I look again and it’s still there…

There were only two bottles of beer in our lovely complementary fridge last, night, on our arrival in Sydney, and I managed, in my sleep deprived state, to spill a third of the contents of one of them on the carpet…. I did my best to mop it, using a dampened hand-towel from the bathroom.

So, it can’t be the beer, and we’ve had the first proper sleep in what feels like a week of travel; so the warship is real and needs integrating into my ‘now’.

Philosophically, I don’t take every such visual symbol at its face value, but a bloody great warship is quite a challenge….

So, I should explain, assuming you have persevered this far…

The warship is on a quay in a place whose name has…

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