Was A Group of High Schoolers Photographed Performing a Nazi Salute?



Was a Group of High Schoolers Photographed Performing a Nazi Salute?


Several male students at Baraboo High School were photographed performing the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute.



Both police and school officials in Wisconsin launched an investigation into a photograph of local high school students flashing a Nazi salute after a journalist posted the picture online.

On 11 November 2018 Reporter Jules Suzdaltsev posted the picture of a group of boys, reportedly comprising Baraboo High School’s entire male graduating class of 2019, with several of them visibly flashing the extended-arm “Sieg Heil” gesture. His tweet was shared more than 14,000 times within 24 hours:

Jules Suzdaltsev


If anybody from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin can clue me in on why it appears the entire male class of 2018 is throwing up a Sig Heil during their prom photos – that would be great.

h/t @CarlySidey

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“I was contacted by a former student who shared with me a post she made about the photo, which was posted by a student run page with the caption, ‘We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud,’” Suzdaltsev told us via email a day after posting the photograph. “I was not familiar with the school, but the photo was shocking and I assumed it would be shocking to others as well.”

Suzdaltsev followed up by posting screenshots of messages he received from other Baraboo students accusing the boys seen in the photograph of posting racist and misogynist harassment:

Jules Suzdaltsev


Someone who would like to remain anonymous just sent me this message and picture of herself that was posted by a classmate.

Seriously, what is going on with this school? @BarabooSD

View image on Twitter

Jules Suzdaltsev


I am being flooded with messages from students of this school about some of the guys in the group photo.

It sounds like there is a lot of racist bullying and the school tends to do nothing about it. pic.twitter.com/yvPZWI196A

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Other students accused the school of ignoring requests for help, and one said to Suzdaltsev that when they informed an official that one of the boys in the photograph yelled “white power” in the hallway, they were told to “look up videos of Black Lives Matter protesters being violent to police and that [they] should grow a tougher skin.”

Another student said that the gesture was suggested to the boys by the photographer. A student seen in the picture told the same thing to television news outlets:

Jordan Blue, now a senior at Baraboo High School, said that in May of this year, he and his male classmates had been posing for pictures in front of a local courthouse before their junior prom when the photographer told them to “raise your hand.”

Peter Gust, the photographer who took the picture, has defended himself, saying he told the students to wave goodbye to their parents, not to make the Nazi gesture.

“I didn’t tell them to salute anything,” Gust said in a statement to CNN. “There was nothing that diminished the quality of anyone’s life. There was nothing that diminished anyone’s stature in society, nothing that was intended to point a finger at anyone in their class that may have some kind of difference. There was none of that.”

6 thoughts on “Was A Group of High Schoolers Photographed Performing a Nazi Salute?

  1. Looking at the photo, I also think that boys are waving Goodbye to the school, or Hello to their parents, but given the racist atmosphere of the school (according to some complaints), I wouldn’t rule out some of them actually imitating Sieg Heil.
    What do you think, Ted?


    1. I think that some of them were, not all of them, but to me it does look like some of them were doing that. Question I posed to my 25 yr old son and my wife, should they be punished by the school or by the law? Do people have ‘the right’ to do so if they wish to? Should they be thrown out of school, not allowed to graduate, put into prison, put up against a wall and shot, all of the above?

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      1. Legally, this wouldn’t even be considered hate crime because they have not hurt anybody, so they cannot be punished by anyone. I read the, entire article, and it seems to me that the racist and white supremacy attitude prevails in that school. It is also my experience that public schools usually reflect the values of their respective communities. For instance, our South Florida community supports a huge Holocaust research center, kids are taught Holocaust awareness and taken on tours of the Holocaust memorial, and volunteer Holocaust survivors are trained to lecture in schools. The boys on that photo are obviously educated in a different direction, both by their school and by their parents who constitute the community. It is an established fact that frontal lobe of human brain, responsible for making rational decisions, is flooded by teenage hormones and thus is temporarily “out of business” during that age. There is no need to punish kids, only to re-educate them, but who is going to do that? There is a need to look closely into communities like this one, though, but who is capable of doing it?


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