Trip to mackinac island….


I always wanted to go to an island…. How beautiful it is….  A piece of land surrounded by water…. Vowwww….

So guys…. Here i am with my awesome experience on Mackinac island….

CAC870F5-6B2B-40CF-995E-609C93DDA9B7 Side view of Mackinac island

We know islands are always been an exciting place to visit…. But mackinac island is lot more than that….

Let me share from the beginning….

Before visiting the place you must know 3 things :-

  1. You have to take ferry ride inorder to reach the island and there are options to book the tickets for ferry ride in online….
  2. In my opinion, you must book a hotel nearby the ferry starting point. And also book the hotels as early as you can….
  3. You must know the fact that cars are not allowed in the island…. We can have either bicycle ride or horse ride…

We had booked room in Bay side hotel and…

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