The Journey to Self Discovery

Enjoy The Silence

Before understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) the correct way, I’d been living my life feeling fascinated by whatever I discovered about myself.

My heritage.

My name.

My parents’ faces.

My siblings uniqueness.

My strengths.

My personality type.


People call it ‘self-centered’ or ‘egocentrism’. But it wasn’t about boasting, doing all that. I was just curious and was just collecting facts.

It turns out to be one the signs of an autistic person. It is logic because I couldn’t relate myself quite right to other people and to the world. But to myself, yes I could talk about myself on and on.

What driven me to all that fascination was because I had an endless instinct that I am unique from most people. Now I know why. But then, I didn’t know. I was just digging facts until I found it several weeks ago. And it kind of stopped…

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