So Empowered Now, RAWR! 🐯

Light Motifs II

Thank the goddess I have been freed from the possibility of being a billionaire Mega Millions winner! I am just now discovering what a terrible burden that would have been.

First, you can’t just cash in your ticket like it was a hundred dollar winner. Oh no. You have to plan. Best to discreetly plop the thing in a safe deposit box and head over to a lawyer’s office to figure out how to stay as anonymous as possible after cashing it in. It’s not like you can go live in your normal unprotected house or apartment after your name hits the media. Are you nuts?

Second, I’d have to hire a bodyguard for Gatsby. 🐱 Everyone knows how much I love him, so he’d be an immediate catnapping target. I’d have to hire a second guard to keep an eye on the bodyguard. And a third one for the…

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