10 Things I Learned When I Became A Christian: (10) How To Blame God

Reality Decoded

This was a very subtle transition of understanding. When I was secular, I believed that people were responsible for their own actions but when I became a Christian this was slowly replaced with a new and more dangerous form of understanding, that God is to blame for everything.

I found that most people that call themselves Christian follow this understanding. How it works is simple:

  1. If something bad happens to Christians, then:
    • God is testing you
    • It’s a blessing from God in disguise
    • God has a plan, and this is part of it, (He’s Mysterious)
    • God is closing a door so he can open another door
    • God knows the future and is preventing a larger tragedy
    • God is taking someone home to spare them
  2. If something bad happens to Non-Christians, then:
    • It’s Gods wrath
    • God is sending a warning to change minds
    • God removed someone because they are evil

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