No One Can Prove A Thing

The Haunted Wordsmith


You left.

I wanted to go, but you said no.

I cried. I whimpered. I was abandoned.

Why did you leave me?

You’ve been gone forever.

My toy is no comfort.

The television is no comfort.

I checked and you were still gone.

I cried and cried.

I only wanted to make a friend.

A little smell around the back, but it attacked me.

It scared me.

I ran. It followed me.

My friend go it off, but then my friend wanted to play.

We played fetch and tug of war.

I checked and you still had not come back.

You were never coming back.

I ate what little you left me. I should have saved it.

I was starving! You wanted me to starve!

I had to finish what you left behind, didn’t I?

What was that! What did I hear? Is it you?

I ran and looked.


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