Arbaeen Footmarch

Emergence Era

A little while ago an Omani friend of mine ask me that “why are you-Shia Muslims- mourning and crying for Imam Hussain(AS) and refreshing his tragic story which was happened 1200 years ago?”
I like to remark my answer as a reason to illustrate the purpose of gathering 21 million people from all around the word to join the biggest footmarch in the world which starts from Najaf (a city in Iraq) and ends in Karbala (a city in Iraq and the location of Imam Hussain’s holy shrine).

413 Imam Hussain (AS) holy shrine

Let me ask you a question!
Who is alive?
Obviously anyone whose heart beats and he can breath…
This might be your quick answer but I believe there is a prior point of view to look at this question.
” Who is alive” is a question beyond the matter of time and history so as the flesh…

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