Where Have All the Turtles Gone, and Why Does It Matter?


The word turtle implies to all the animals with a bony shell and a backbone, whether locally referred to as turtles, tortoises, or terrapins. They are the most common animals that have recognized universally as they are only commonplace animals.

They struggle to dwell in the modern world but that fact is generally unrecognized or ignored. Among the major group of vertebrates, turtles are the most threatened animal in the modern times. Of the 356 species of turtles worldwide, approximately 61% are threatened or already extinct.

The reason for the extinction of the turtles includes habitat destruction, unable to maintain excessive usage them as food and the commercial pet and climate change. Disease has also contributed to the rapid decline and near extinction of some turtle species. And the most important reason is humans have overused turtles as part of a subsistence diet since the development of Oldowan (an early Lower Paleolithic…

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