(Poem Of Sadness) We Keep Learning Ourselves

We Keep Learning Ourselves


Shouldn’t the phrase say, we keep learning new ‘things’ every day

How about if we don’t know how to understand what we’ve seen

Three see one thing and you end up with at least four different scenes

Today at 62 shone another venue on how we’re meant to see, everything

I did not know that I erred so badly in my own concept of, what I know


Seeing is to a great extent, understanding how we see all events in everyday life

If I see a few events during my day that are ‘out of the ordinary’, why do I think so

Through Faith, a person learns to see with a much more ‘Spiritual’ eye of peace

So, you noticed that I had noticed you, do we wig-out and run hard the other way

I noticed you because I’m not yet used to purple hair and yellow Air Jordans, yet


I thought about the concept of ‘pure and total truth’ so now I see a little purer

To see as a truthful man or woman is a very good thing, all should aspire to it

To see how The Spirit Sees is sobering, in how totally pure and ‘simple’  truth is

What is average, what is it that we learn to accept, yet, why is it that we care

We can not ever purely see any other person or event until we can truly see, us




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