My Alter-Ego, Depression!

My Arbitrary Insights

The Sun has no issue doing its duty for years

Rivers flow too but aren’t questioned..unlike my tears

Inside me lives a confused spirit

Weeps in the dark but is cold in the broad daylight

Slowly it takes on my emotions, leaves me empty

Making me wanna cry, dawns upon me at night!

Why is that I can’t let it go?

No one comprehends, only condescends

Wish I had known that all I needed was a little self-care!

Such a shame that no school teaches us that

It’s not even a thing until someone vanishes

Leaving a note and one’s people in despair

Then it turns as the nation’s headline..

Ignored by many n forgotten by most

Till another life cripples, losing all its hope!

I’ve fought a lot and glad to say I’m better

BUT the thing is it may re-appear, even after many years

All of you who’ve encountered…

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