How to win friends and influence people

The unfiltered backpacker

Most of us make the majority of our friends in the playground when we start school. A few people come and go, work colleagues, friends of friends, a drunk girl in the toilets of a club, but after the age of 6 we rarely find ourselves walking up to a bunch of strangers saying ‘hey, can I play with you?’. My biggest fear about going travelling was being alone, what if no one likes me? How the hell do I make friends?! But a wise woman once told me ‘you can’t force friendships, you’ll find your people’ (thanks Jess you ledge).

Feeling lonely is a killer, and whilst travelling the best way to combat that feeling is to stay in a hostel. The worse the hostel the better the people staying there. I stayed in a dirty, noisy, badly run hostel for almost 5 months (!) and I became part…

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