Belvidere: The Rose Of Northern Illinois



Belvidere, the name sounds so peaceful

Is it not a place for our children to grow

Swinging bridge, beautiful waterfall and trails

Two scenic parks in which to spend our time

My youth from ten years up till 18 I spent here

This is the hometown in which I was raised

No coal fields, nor mines or silk mills scent

Mostly factories the place people mark their time


From the Blue Ridge to the Black Hills

Beautiful places we pitched our tents

Chrysler Corporation, in Belvidere

This is where they built an assembly plant

Chasing a good job, good wages with benefits

Belvidere is the place where our family went

Belvidere turned out to be a good place to live

Except their winters too much cold and snow

The people good honest hard-working folks

But their winters there I truly I don’t miss


Mom, dad, and my big brother Larry

They do rest there now in the frozen earth

Sister Jackie who is now a Daughter of the Cloth

With husband Wayne there they do remain

Belvidere, you’re always in my heart and prayers

Your beauty and your friendliness like fresh Roses

Belvidere, a great place to rest your burden of cares

Belvidere, still such a pretty place in my heart’s memory

Will always bring a special smile upon my memories


I pray that all the people of the earth

Could have such a fond recall

Of the places they were grown

After life’s last breath does fall

It is here I wish they plant my bones

In loving memory of the place I was grown

Such wonderful people upon God’s earth

Belvidere, the town that I called my home

2 thoughts on “Belvidere: The Rose Of Northern Illinois

  1. I have not been to Belvidere, though I am familiar with several places in northern Illinois. I do, however, understand the sentiment, and still carry fond feelings for the town in which I grew.


    1. Yes, the town in which we are born in does not always mean that is what we look back upon as our “home town”. I sort of look at the community of 10-18 as being the tie frame where we tend to gain our insights and morals into the person that we became in out 20’s and 30’s. Thank you for the kindness of your comment and for the time, I appreciate you.

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