A Gentle Autumn

A Light Circle

This autumn in northern Europe is unseasonably gentle and warm. The turning of the leaves from deep green to all the colors of flame and sunset, the baring of elegant dark, sloping branches, the abundant soft coverings on the ground, the scents of damp earth, fallen apples and acorns, crumbling organic growth. All these magnificent changes are occurring in ultra-slow motion. To be savored like a fine wine, a glass of rosé held up to the world, the honeyed drops clinging to the tongue, the luscious perfume lingering.

Stay. Stay out a little bit longer. Won’t you stay, dear summer, a little while longer?

Maybe this is a thin golden lining to global warming, though I hope it is not the case. I see it as a blessing, a small measure of calm, a much-needed respite. We could all use some gentle tranquility in a world inclined towards the severe…

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