Great philosophy lesson, excellent read so I am going to reblog it for you.


A farmer was ploughing in his field. Suddenly ‘INJUSTICE being -the king of Evils appeared on the scene. Beconning to the Devil, who was unaware of what is happening said, “You idiot, have you become blind and day-dreaming, don’t you see what I perceive, See for your self how happy is that useless farmer,if you don’t make him unhappy, I will burn you. If people become happy our days are not far off from existence.Getto your feet pronto and do something to make that farmer lose his mind” Thus saying Injustice disappeared.

The Devil thought for a long time how to go about the problem. Finally he set upon a plan. He slowly went to where the farmer had kept his lunch and took it away thinking that the farmer will cry and cry for not finding his meal of the day.

Soon the farmer, seeing that…

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