Humans are worst than Animals


You may not agree,but by the facts given you will surely agree.

1.Men are killing animals(innocent) viz.sheep,goat,cow etc and making a feast of them.dont you agree. When vegetables can itself be eaten, why kill these poor animals.

2.Jesus Christ for having good to the society was unnecessarily crucified. is this justice

3. For proving that earth revolves round the Sun,Galelio was threatened to be burnt alive.

4. Julius Ceazer was assasinated by 21 people for no fault of his.

5.Mahatma Gandhiji, who got independece to India, was simply shot dead.

6.Abraham Lincoln, the then president of United States of America, was shot and killed for having doing justice to the Negroes by getting them independence.

7.Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated for his outspoken words.

8. In the Legend Samson and Delilah, They tourchered Samson by burning his eyes with red hot iron,because he was a revolt.


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