Americans Don’t Know Politics?

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A major issue with American politics, perhaps with any politics, is that voters, i.e., the populace that participates in the whole process, on most occasions, they, simply, don’t understand politics. The danger here is that, without a legit understanding of politics, the populace runs the risk of authorizing an idiot or tyrant or despot, into a high office where their will-power could be exercised to its fullest extent.

Americans, during election season, tend to rely on the media as their primary information source. And that, indeed, in itself, for a political scholar, should reveal that the average American’s knowledge of politics is minuscule, at best. To use the media, i.e., as a guide in making a wise decision when making a vote is just not enough.

The American media, usually any nation’s media for that matter is nothing but trickery and rhetoric. Therefore, to truly make a wise decision in…

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