Memoirs of a Light Worker

Words have power

It’s honest and true

Something so small could destroy you

From mouths they run

Like bullets from a gun

Having no eyes

Please realize

Words have power

It’s the straight up truth

Run tell the others

Before spells destroy our youth

No words too small

No thoughts too big

Now think about all the things to others you’ve said

Words have power

And when you make sentences

You create spells

I guess this will be something to think about next time you yell

Yelling and shouting

Spelling and cursing

Stop and listen to the things your saying

Maybe most of the pain you feel

Your bringing


What you do to others comes back to you

So don’t be surprised

When Karma serves a dish that waters your eyes

But don’t worry if you sow good seeds

The universe rewards those who do good deeds

So if…

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