Hernia vs. Abdominal Strain – What’s Causing Abdominal Pain?


If you have been lifting for years or have started muscle training recently, you probably have come across some days when you feel immense abdominal pain. While most of the times you may believe that it is happening due to abdominal strain, it may happen that the underlying reason can be hernia.

An abdominal strain generally does not require the assistance of doctors or health experts. On the other hand, hernia requires proper treatment under experts. Precisely, it may require you to undergo a hernia surgery in Varanasi.

So how can you figure out whether the abdominal pain you’re suffering from is a strain or a hernia? Here are several things that will help you understand.

Umbilical Hernia Illustration

Difference in Symptoms

When it comes to the symptoms, there are several common signs. This involves symptoms such as pain in abdomen while moving; you feel the pain while standing, coughing or performing…

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