Purple Pear

The severe anti-incumbency towards the end of Congress-led UPA regime had set the stage for a savior to arrive. Stalled projects, corruption charges, sorry state of the economy and an inherent distrust among the people in his leading political opponent played a key role in Mr. Modi ultimately becoming a beneficiary of the TINA-factor and won him elections. Clad in sartorial bandhgala-suits and colorful turbans with promises of Ram Mandir and 10 million jobs, there he was, welcomed by an entire nation struggling with unemployment, price rise and graft. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi completing four years in office, and as we race towards the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, a verdict on his administration is much awaited. Fringe media reports and bhakt-rants aside, let’s reflect as objectively as possible at the economic state of our country, and the efforts taken by this government to bring back ache din.

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