Philosophy Poem: Who Am I



I know where I was born and the name given

My Parents, my Family, my blood I am told

My dwellings I remember back to age 2 or 3

Scenery and events cemented into my mind

There is beauty, there is ugly and many scars


There was some love in the making of who I am and was

So many adults left their stains like coffee on a Prayer book

Educators who taught you only of their own dark Demons

A Parents version of Hell and the Family who stayed quiet

None of us then or now were born with the minds of Angels


The good, the bad and the evil are the glue that forms us

Our minds and our bodies are fragile yet our Soul is eternal

The Conscience is born neutral, the lessons learned make us

Wealth and poverty teach us yet it is we who decide what matters

The better that we know our self the less the world will upset us


9 thoughts on “Philosophy Poem: Who Am I

  1. I truly loved this piece. It says so much and reveals so much. thank you. Can I share mine?

    I AM ME

    © 2018 Barbara Grace Lake

    Can I be me
    Unaided and alone
    Nor slave to any one
    Defining role

    A forest me
    Erect within a field
    Absorbing floral scents
    And they are me

    A cat is me
    The puma’s steady gaze
    Would daunt, intimidate
    Becoming me

    Still I am me
    Celestial stars above
    Consuming, hallowing
    Envelop me

    And I am me
    My nature not defined
    Nor Heaven split apart
    As all are me


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