Contemplative Poem: Abusing Our Power With Others

Abusing Our Power With Others 


Have I abused you in this path that we both do walk

My physical actions, have they been harmful or crude

In my speech to you , have I been unjust, harsh or reviling

Have I abused my privilege to deceive or to mislead you

My morals toward you, have I been crude or improper


Twice you filled me with wine and then you seduced me

Whose sin is it when you remember nothing you have done

From whose eyes do we decide what is a sin or an abuse

With no wine, what if in deed I had enjoyed your advances

Your physical actions, would they still be abusive and crude


Who among us has never been beaten with a rod for unquestioned compliance

Though our lives appear good have the abusive’s we’ve lived been worth it

What is our strength gained or lost each day from the abuses we’ve suffered

If the Law takes our hair and our eyes will we be blesses to push the wheel

The abuser is the fool for the Lord will use the wheel to grind them to powder


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