Ten Quick King Solomon Proverbs To Lighten Our Day

Ten Quick King Solomon Proverbs To Lighten Our Day


This is ten of King Solomon’s proverbs and shouldn’t take more than about two moments of your time. The dictionary says a proverb is a profound saying, maxim, or oracular utterance requiring interpretation.

  1. A just man walks in his integrity and his children that come after him shall be blessed because of his actions.
  2. Even a child is known by their actions whether they are pure and whether they are correct.
  3. The spirit of a man is like a candle to the Lord who searches all our inner thoughts.
  4. It is better to live on the corner of a house-top than to live in a mansion with a hate filled woman.
  5. He that keeps his mouth shut and his tongue from wagging keeps their own soul from trouble.
  6. If you see a person who is wise in their own deceit there is more hope for a fool than for that person.
  7. Evil men do not understand judgement but they that seek the Lord understand all things.
  8. He that turns away their ears from the Word of God even his prayers are an abomination.
  9. Give wine to those who are of heavy hearts. Let him drink and forget his poverty and remember their misery no more.
  10. A wise person will listen and will obtain learning and a person of understanding will listen to wise counsels. To fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but a fool despises wisdom and instruction.

4 thoughts on “Ten Quick King Solomon Proverbs To Lighten Our Day

    1. Glad that you liked it. This one doesn’t quite fit with the other 8 but wisdom is wisdom and wisdom has many venues just as a day of life does. A lot of Christians want to paint alcohol as being a horrible thing, as anti God, Anti Christian and Scripture has made it very plain that this is not so.

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        1. I agree, ignorance of what they read. You have “Church Doctrines” that simply are contrary to the teachings of the Scriptures and people do not tend to read their Bibles nor to question their Preachers or Elders in the Church. Many Church “Leaders” will get angry if you question them, that is a major sign that you need to find a new Church because the Scriptures tell us to make sure to question them daily to make sure that what they are teaching is what the Scriptures actually say.


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