How To fix Nairobi Traffic and What You Could Do as a Citizen

Dynamic Trio đź’›

It takes 50 min to cover about 100 metres in a heavy traffic jam in Nairobi an equivalent time taken to cook 29 normal dishes in an average hotel. At an average of a metre per second, you could cover 3KM with that time approximately a walk from town to Wilson Airport.

Yesterday, it took me three and a half hours to move from town to Rongai, for the first time I felt the pain of traffic. Besides that it was raining. Many city residents were stuck in the City and matatu fares were sky high. I watched a passenger sleep, wake up and sleep again. Everyone’s eyes were flooded with exhaustion.

The experience took me back to last year, on a KTN governor’s debate, in which Governor Sonko promised to fix the traffic problem. It makes me wonder whether the governor and the entire city hall fraternity are deliberately…

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